Sweets and treats for your cravings!

I’m not only a cake decorator but I love to bake all kinds of stuff!
Small self owned business. Working my way up there more and more each day. If you’d like to order cakes or cupcakes or other baked good, please do let me know. I am a very open minded person who’s patience will go on for miles. Cakes and baked goods for all occasions. Come try something new and different. You won’t be disappointed!

One big passion of mine is cake decorating.

It is my career choice that I will forever love and continue to do. I have been doing cakes and baking for over 10 years now. From when I first started to now, I have come along way. And still have so much more to go.  So to all the people that come into this world of cakes with me, I hope you enjoy all that you see. And be inspired to pursue your own passion as well as make mine come alive better than before. I am here to serve the world a taste of my own cake, and to become the greatest I can be. So if you are here and like what you see, my email is always open to any questions, concerns, or orders. Thank you to all who have made my passion come alive. without you I wouldn’t be doing what I love!